New National Tunezz




Hey y’all. First post. Cincinnati homeboys/Brooklyn-based band, The National, have been making the rounds with a few delightful new songs, some of which were recently recorded live in Boston. The first of these tracks, the epic and propulsive “Blood Buzz Ohio”, is a standard Boxer-era builder with some nice orchestration to compliment Berninger’s baritone. The second, “The Runaway”, seems to be a reworking of an earlier version of the track (previously “Karamazov” which I think is a vastly superior title). It’s a slow-paced, more ballady track, but like most of the National catalog, grows after a few listens and is equally enjoyable. The new album, which will probably be announced imminently, sounds pretty promising if these songs are any indication.

Also, it’s Matt birthday today. Happy birthday Matt!

The National – Blood Buzz Ohio (Live In Boston)

The Runaway (Live In Boston)

Right-click mp3’s to download

(via stereogum)


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