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Upcoming Show: Sunn O)))

July 9, 2009

  Sunn O)))

Drone-metal d00ds Sunn O))) (pronounced “Sun”), known to play entire shows enshrouded in fog and dressed in black dementor-like robes, are playing at the Southgate House on July 12. Definitely not for everybody, but I imagine it will be a pretty intense experience. Drone-metal in general is characterized by its mad use of reverb and general droneyness (I know right!). Their latest album, Monoliths and Dimensions, has these facets of the genre in spades, creating dense, malevolent soundscapes but the band steps it up by adding some of the most evil choral and melodic touches you’re sure to hear all year. Unsurprisingly, the band has recorded an LP in a centuries-old church in Norway. While they are a little scary, y’all might like them if your inclined towards the dark life-sucking soundtrack to a cult sacrifice type of music that Sunn O))) specialize in. For those of you who aren’t however, you should check out their 2006 split LP with Boris, an experimental Japanese band. That ones a bit a more accessible.

Sunn O))) play July 12th at Southgate House. 13$ advance/ 16$ at the door. Doors at 8. Show at 9.